Accentricity is made by Sadie Durkacz Ryan, with production support from John McDiarmid and music by Seb Philp.

Sadie recently completed a PhD in sociolinguistics and education. She worked with Polish teenagers who live in the East End of Glasgow, and found out about the links between language and identity in their lives. To find out more about her academic work, follow @sadie_d_ryan on Twitter.

John is a freelance radio producer, cameraman, documentarian, broadcaster and journalist. He has just released his first feature-length documentary, St Mungo’s Approval (free to watch here). It follows three competitors in the run-up to the St Mungo’s Cup, the prize for the best allotment in Glasgow. As the battle unfolds we find out about their unexpected life stories, and what drives them to compete. To find out more about John’s other work, follow @teltmedia on Instagram.