Episode 1: Making Assumptions

All ways of speaking are linguistically equal, and none is better than any other. But the way people talk about language, you’d never guess that was the case. This is an episode about linguistic prejudice, and why it’s stupid.


If you’d like to talk about your experiences with linguistic prejudice, join in the chat @accentricitypod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Also visit The Accentism Project, where you can submit your story to a growing collection, and read about other people’s experiences.


The contributors:

Most of the people who appear on this episode are strangers I met at the Barras. If you hear a voice you know, ask them to listen to the episode and get in touch, I’d love to hear from them!
The people whose names I do know are:

* Jenny Wartanby is working on a PhD about the Scottish movement to end violence against women. You can follow her on Twitter @armsofrain.

* Mark Leslie (“unleash the Glaswegian accent!”) is a photographer who takes INCREDIBLE photos around and about the Barras. You can see some of his work here.

* Ewa Wanat is a phonetician working at the University of Glasgow.

* Collette McCarthy works in TV - she’s a development executive for World Productions. She is originally from East London but now lives in Glasgow.



Big big thanks to John McDiarmid for production support. John is a freelance radio producer, documentarian and journalist. You can find his company on Instagram @teltmedia. He recently finished his first feature-length documentary, St Mungo’s Approval.


Big big thanks too to Seb Philp for the music. He doesn’t have a website, but if you’d like to talk to him, send me a message!


Also thanks to my everlastingly excellent writer-pals Bicola Barratt-Crane, Peter McCune, Angie Spoto, Eilidh McCabe, Joma West, Heather Margaret, Josie Rodgers and Agnieszka Checka for being the first to listen to episode 1, and for all of the feedback and ideas. They are both the best proof-readers and the best pals anyone could wish for!


And thanks to Osh for that point about the Queen dropping her /r/s :)